Want a Money-Making Lead Magnet Funnel?

That generates revenue while growing your list.

All in one simple funnel that’s built FOR you.

Let’s turns casual browsers into raving (and paying) fans…

👉 People in your world go bananas for an irresistible freebie. They think “woah..a mini course? A snazzy template? Yes please!”

👉 While they’re excited in the moment by the gift you’re sharing, we put a small, irresistible offer in front of them (that a percentage will buy right then and there)

👉 The secret to then turning them into high-ticket clients? Get them hooked with the follow up so they get excited about your elite offers

👉 You have boundless opportunities to connect with them in their inbox, sharing your sparkly wisdom

👉 They feel your vibes, get to know you, and before you know it…you’re one email away from signing up a shiny new client. Yay!


Your lead-magnet funnel is the red carpet that leads them from your killer content, directly into your programs and services (while making money along the way)

Case Study: Launched 6-Figure Income Stream

“Cathy helped us write the sales copy for an upsell product that made 5 figure profit and looking like it will become 6 figure revenue stream annually.”

Meet Leighton!

He’s the founder of two gyms (with a third to be opened soon) and has a super-efficient online system to bring more women into his programs.

Alongside the physical gym membership, he’s created programs to help his clients with their health, nutrition and mindset.

Where we began…

Leighton had run a beta launch of an upsell program for his gym members. 

The feedback was good, so he wanted to create an online funnel to offer this program to members of his gym. 

The process we went through…

  • Step 1: I went through the feedback, testimonials and program content. I gave Leighton scripts to help interview his audience and we created a vast amount of information about what his audience really want and need from the program he’s offering
  • Step 2: I researched his market and his competitors. This helped me get clear on what resonates with his audience, and how to match this back to Leighton’s program and the outcomes
  • Step 3: I pulled everything together, and wrote a launch funnel including emails and a sales page

The Outcome…

Around 50% of the clients that are offered this new program decide to join. 

This resulted in a 5-figure launch the first time he put this offer out to his audience.

It’s an ongoing 6-figure revenue stream for his business, as he is bringing new clients into his gym every month, and upselling around half of them onto this new program.


And we can have a chat about whether it’s a good fit for you and your business right now.

Say Goodbye To Missed Connections and “What Ifs”


Remember the ones who got away? The enthustiastic people in your world who lapped up all your content. Then…poof! They disappeared. Let’s reconnect with them.


These people are your business’s buried treasure. Nuture them right, and they’re not just clients, they’re your biggest advocates.


Your lead magnet funnel makes sure that no-one breezes past your business without getting a delicious taste of what you’re serving.


Your subscribers aren’t just followers, they’re potential VIPs waiting for the right invite.

What if the only thing standing between you and explosive growth is a lead generation funnel that actually works?

Any of this sound familiar?


You have a killer high-ticket offer (that gets results) but your lead generation strategy is like throwing darts in the dark.


You need more than just a hit-or-miss approach…you need a system that consistently turns curious clicks into committed clients


You want a system in place that generates revenue on the front end (while turning a percentage of those people into clients)

We’ll build you a lead-magnet funnel that not only grows your list – but makes you money in the process.

And we can have a chat about whether it’s a good fit for you and your business right now.

What’s included in Your Money-Making Lead Magnet Funnel

We zero in on the perfect Lead Magnet, set up your entire funnel, and nail those automations to keep your subscribers moving smoothly towards becoming your dream clients



I’ve worked behind the scenes on big launches.

I’ve successfuly built, launched and sold my own products and services.

Big-picture funnel strategy takes up around 80% of my headspace most days, and I’ll bring all this experience into your project – to ensure we’re creating the right buyer journey for your clients.



Copywriting and messaging is my superpower.

I’ve written copy for dozens of clients across multiple industries.

Knowing how to connect your message to your audience to  your offer  – THAT’S an art and science I’m exceptionally good at.



Truth time. 

I got tired of seeing my copy being butchered by bad design. 

Great design is more than just ‘pretty’ pictures. 

It’s about visually communicating the message – and is just as important as the words themselves.


Tech + Automations

We set up everything for you. 

Every piece of your funnel will speak to each other, all automations in place. 

All emails going out smoothly. 

No more wrestling with your tech..hand it over and we’ll do it for you.

What does the journey look like when you snag your Money-Making Lead Magnet Funnel?


Step 1 - The "Get Inside Your Head" Session

Picture this: us on a cozy 60-90 minute call where you let loose all the juicy details of your offering.

I’ll get all the info, insights and ‘perfectly you’ angles to ensure your funnel represents you from top to bottom.


Step 2 - Onboarding forms

To keep things fast and simple, I have an onboarding form for you to fill out.

This gives me all the pieces I need for the core elements of your funnel – strategy, copy and design.


Step 3 - Let the Building Begin

This is the bit where we get to work doing our thang.

We stay in touch regularly to keep you updated on our progress and delivery.

You give us feedback on the copy, messaging and design every step of the way.


Step 5 - Delivery

Within 30 days, we deliver your funnel uploaded to your technology stack of choice.


Step 6 - The Follow-Up

For 2 weeks following delivery of your funnel, we’ll review, tweak and finalise all the pieces to ensure you’re happy with everything (and that it’s working properly).

Case Study: 400% Increase In Conversions

“And as a result of working with Cathy, we signed up 125 members on our latest launch, usually we have 30. So for me…it’s no coincidence that hiring Cathy to write the sales page made this difference.”

Meet James!

He runs a 28 Day online coaching program, working specifically with men.

He helps them to create the life they want to live by prioritising their own physical and mental health.

Where we began…

James has been running his program for a few years. He gets great results for his clients, and has amazing testimonials to prove this. 

He launches three times a year, and was getting around 30 sign-ups each time, using a sales page he had written himself.

So, while things were going OK…there was something that felt ‘off’ with his messaging.

He felt that he wasn’t really explaining what he did in the right way, to the people who benefit most from his help.

The process we went through…

  • Step 1: I went through the content of his program to understand what he offers, how he delivers it, and how it ties back to the outcomes of his program
  • Step 2: I got to know his audience by going through the testimonials, spending time in his free Facebook group to listen to his audience’s concerns, and the language they use to express it
  • Step 3: I researched his market and his competitors. This helped me get clear on what resonates with his audience, and how to match this back to James’s programs and the outcomes
  • Step 4: I pulled everything together, and wrote a 5,000 word sales page – which needed only small tweaks before going live

The Outcome…

We plugged the new sales page into his funnel. 

The number of men who signed up to his program on this launch quadrupled – from 30 to 125 signups.

In addition, the men who complete the 28-day program have the opportunity to join an exclusive 6-month membership mastermind, and around 40% of them moved across.

And we can have a chat about whether it’s a good fit for you and your business right now.

What’s Included


Opt-in Page (value $500)

A carefully crafted registration page that move more of your dream clients into your funnel.

Your opt-in page is the first time people new to your world are introduced to you.

Getting this right is SO important, because if you build a list of not-great-fit people…you’ll struggle to convert them to your elite offers.

Sales Page (value $1,500)

Ooh…I do love me a sales page.

After people register for your freebie, we’ll send them to a thank you page, where we put a small offer in front of them.

For this you’ll need a sales page that is JUST the right length and goes into JUST the right amount of detail.

We bake in what we know they’re thinking, and answer those questions and objections right there on the sales page.

And of course, we inject your personality and vibe into the copy and design as well.

There’s an art and science to writing a sales page, and it all boils down to trust.

We need to show your audience not only that your service gets the result you promise, but more to the point – that it gets the result for the EXACT person you know you help.

When done right, a sales page feels like it’s reading the reader’s mind. #spooky

And with the right design in place, your readers will be drawn down the page to read ALL the important details.

Email Sequences (value $1,000)

This is where we take your peeps on a journey.

Your money-making lead magnet funnel has 2 sequences.

Sequence 1: The consumption sequence.

This is a set of emails that nurtures your new subscribers, and encourages them to connect with the freebie they’ve downloaded (rapidly creating trust and familiarity with you and your brand).

Sequence 2: The Upsell sequence

This is a sales sequence that moves them through your buyer journey.

These emails are carefully crafted to allow your audience to get to know you, get engaged with your brand and your vibe, and get them committed to working with you in a deeper level.

Bonus 1: 3 months FREE Funnel Software
(value $291)

We’ll build, automate and set up everything from top to bottom for you inside our funnel software.

And for a full 3 months, you won’t have to pay anything.

This will give you time to play around, get used to it, and see if it’s a good fit for you.

And then…if you love it (which you will, I’m sure!) you can sign up for your lifetime founding member price of only $47/month (once the founding member spots are gone, it will go up to $97/month).

Bonus 2: 90-Day List Growth Strategy
(value $300)

Building your funnel is only the first step.

The real fun happens when you start bringing people in at the top of your funnel.

I’ll set you up with a 90-day list building plan that includes not only HOW to get your freebie in front of more people, but also the copy, hooks and messaging to make it irresistible.

Cathy delivers not only copy that reads like it was me who wrote it, but most importantly, Cathy’s copy converts very well and that what we all want, right? 

-Lenka Lutonska, Mindset & Business Coach

The Investment

I only work with a few clients at a time, so that I can give you MY FULL attention and expertise.

Currently, the price is $1,000

And we can have a chat about whether it’s a good fit for you and your business right now.


How long to start?

I generally have a 2-4 week window before being able to start new projects, so if you have something coming up, then get in touch sooner rather than later, so I can get you booked into our calendar.

Will you upload everything to my funnel software?

Yes! We’ll chat about the tech before we get started on your project.

So, who's a good fit for this service?

If you’re someone who’s got a fiery determination to scale your business and just want it done already, then you’re in the right place!

This service is for those of you who can’t be bothered with figuring it all out on your owns, wants a pro to swoop in and take care of everything.

Sound like you? Great!

So, if I apply, am I locked in?

Not quite, my friend!

Filling out the application is more like us saying hello.

Your spot’s officially yours once the payment is through and we’ve mapped out your delivery.

What sort of businesses do you work with?

I’ve worked with all sorts of businesses over the years.

The common denominator is that they have a product or service that they sell online.

However, I don’t work with ecommerce businesses for this model, as it isn’t a good match for you guys.

Am I Your Funnel Unicorn🦄 ?

This  money-making lead magnet funnel is perfect for you if you have a PROVEN product or service and you have an ENGAGED audience.

Here’s what I mean by that…

You have a ‘PROVEN’ product or service

You’ve gotten results for your clients, and have reviews and testimonials from them

You’re confident in your product or service, and you know your place within your niche or marketplace

You’ve sold this particular offer to clients in the past, or you’re launching a variation of a product or service you’ve sold in the past.

For example:


You’re scaling up an existing signature offer


You’re launching a digital product as an offshoot of your established or signature program or service


You’re turning a 1-on-1 service into a group program


You’re launching an online version of a service you currently deliver offline (we’ve worked with Fitness Pros who do this successfully)

You have an engaged audience

What I mean by this is that:


    You’ve been doing your ‘thing’ for a while


    You have people in your world that know you for your ‘thing’, and


    You’ve been marketing to them for a while already.

    You don’t have to have a MASSIVE audience, but you do need to be super clear on who you serve, and what you’re offering them.

    Hey, I ‘m Cathy!

    Let’s get the big question out of the way first.

    What makes me qualified to teach you this stuff?

    I’ve been working online for the best part of eight years now.

    So I know a thing (or 10!) about launches and funnels and all things digital marketing.

    I’ve worked as a web designer and developer.

    My superpower is copywriting.

    I’m also a tech-nerd.

    (I also threw all false modesty out of the window a while ago 🤷).

    I’ve combined all these skills and come up with Funnel In Day – connecting all the pieces together to help make money for my clients – simple as that.

    So, are you ready to do this?

    Businesses I’ve Worked With

    • Fitness Pros
    • Nutritionists
    • Medical Professionals
    • Wellness Professionals
    • Coaches
    • Mindset Experts
    • Subscription Box Businesses

    Ready for me to build out your funnel?

    And we can have a chat about whether it’s a good fit for you and your business right now.