Are you looking to add a new 5- or 6- figure revenue stream to your business?

Digital Product Creation

Done-for-you digital product creation for businesses that are ready to add a new 5- or 6- figure income stream to their business.


Step 1 - Create Your Offer

Get clarity on how to package up your expertise into a program or course that you can leverage to create an additional income stream.


Step 2 - Beta Launch

Create an irresistible offer that your market will love, and we’ll structure and price it in such a way that you get it out into there and validated very quickly.


Step 3 - Audience Building

Implement an organic content marketing strategy that gets people signed up for your beta offer (and then use this strategy over and over when you launch and re-launch your product in the future).


Step 4 - Create The Digital Product

We decide on the technology you want to use, and me and my team bring it to life.

From creating workbooks and video scripts to uploading the content and ensuring a smooth experience for your online customers.


Step 5 - Create An Online Funnel

Create an online funnel to automate sales of your product in the future.

This includes creating digital assets (sales pages, lead magnets etc)..and what we put together specifically will depend on the model that works best for you.


Step 6 - Training

You get a library of material for  your team to access so that they can make changes and updates to the digital product going forward. 

Includes training in organic lead generation that brings consistent leads to the top of the funnel once it’s created.

Cathy delivers not only copy that reads like it was me who wrote it, but most importantly, Cathy’s copy converts very well and that what we all want, right? 

-Lenka Lutonska, Mindset & Business Coach

The Investment

I only work with a few clients at a time, so that I can give you MY FULL attention and expertise.


How long to start?

I generally have a 2-4 week window before being able to start new projects, so if you have something coming up, then get in touch sooner rather than later, so I can get you booked into our calendar.

I occasionally will take on urgent work, but if I do this, will charge a rush fee of 20% on top of the project quote.

This is because to accommodate I’ll need to move other projects around.

What sort of businesses do you work with?

I’ve worked with all sorts of businesses over the years. 

The common denominator is that they have a product or service that they sell online.

However, I don’t work with ecommerce businesses for this launch model, as it isn’t a good match for you guys.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. We take a deposit to kick off all projects, and then stagger payments throughout the time we work together.

How long does it take?

Most projects take in the region of 3 months to complete.

Hey, I ‘m Cathy!

Let’s get the big question out of the way first.

What makes me qualified to teach you this stuff?

I’ve been working online for the best part of seven years now.

So I know a thing (or 10!) about launches and funnels and all things digital marketing.

My background includes design tech AND copywriting…so I am a kind of unicorn in this space.

(I also threw all false modesty out of the window a while ago 🤷).

So, are you ready to do this?

Businesses I’ve Worked With

  • Fitness Pros
  • Nutritionists
  • Medical Professionals
  • Wellness Professionals
  • Coaches
  • Mindset Experts
  • Subscription Box Businesses

Ready to add a 5- or 6-figure income stream to your business?