Digital Launching Strategies

Launching a new product or service for your business is a unique opportunity for you to generate a lot of sales.

Done correctly, your launch can create a lot of buzz for your business, and the more buzz …the more revenue.

I’m going to share some digital marketing strategies that can give you the best chance of a launch that’s epic.

Create a wait list

In the lead-up to your launch make sure that you start collecting emails.

If you do this, you end up with a list of people who are WAITING for you to launch the thing.

You can easily do this by setting a “coming-soon” page on your website.

When you have a long waitlist, you authentically create a sense of FOMO in your audience – and FOMO is a huge psychological tool that you can use to make those sales.


People buy from people that they know like and trust.

If you have a network of others businesses that share your audience, you can leverage that network to generate a buzz, and increase sales on your launch.

This generally works best if you offer your referral partners some sort of commission or affiliate fee, so that they get a percentage of the sales of your programme.

Even a small network of affiliates (as long as they’re the right affiliates) can go a long way to making your launch way more successful.

You can create competitions or incentivise them in other ways.

This is a great way to burst onto the scene with something new even if you don’t have a huge audience of your own.

Five-Day Challenges

A 5-day-challenge is a fantastic way to turn a cold audience into a warm or hot audience.

The very nature of a 5-day challenge means that they’re getting to know you, you’re giving them value and you’re giving them a taste of what it’s like to work with you.

Whether you’re launching a new product or service or looking to scale something already existing, 5-day challenges are a brilliant way to build up an audience, warm them up and convert them into new clients and sales for your business.

If you’re interested in learning how to do this for yourself, I highly recommend getting on the list for Phil Harrison’s next 5-Day Challenge Launchpad (he’ll teach you how to set up a 5-Day Challenge, through the format of his own FREE 5-Day Challenge #meta).

Social Media Campaigns

In the lead up to your launch, you can go all-in with an intense social media campaign to grow your organic
audience base.

You’ve got to commit to showing up every day, pick a platform that you’re familiar and comfortable with., and make sure you’re hitting the below marketing touchpoints with your content:

  • Pain points or struggles that your clients have right now
  • The benefits or the outcomes that they’ll get working with you.
  • Show your expertise – testimonials are great for this
  • Share what makes you uniquely qualified to help them – your backstory, qualifications and all that jazz
  • Call to Action posts: don’t forget to tell people what to do!